CSA Terms + Conditions


By purchasing a Many Graces Bouquet Subscription CSA, either for yourself or as a gift, you agree to the following terms and conditions as the purchaser:


I understand that once I sign up and pay for my membership in full, I have secured my place in the CSA for the respective season. 

Refunds, either full or partial, will only be given in the event that the purchaser experiences an extreme extenuating circumstance. Otherwise, refunds are not available once a share has been purchased. 


Purchasers understand that by joining the Many Graces CSA they are agreeing to the inherent risks and rewards of farming. Many Graces, like all farms, is subject to the whims and mercies of nature; while the Many Graces farmers will do everything possible to ensure vibrant crops, CSA members understand that there are no guarantees in farming.

Many Graces is not responsible for the vase life of CSA members’ flowers. While Many Graces will do all they can to ensure a long vase-life (by harvesting in the very early morning, making sure all harvest buckets and implements are impeccably clean, and storing CSA members’ flowers in cool-storage), flowers are living beings, all of whom are different and who are not immune to the environment in which they find themselves. Many Graces will advise CSA members as to the proper handling and enjoyment of their bouquets at home, and advise that you follow the recommendations to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.

By purchasing a bouquet subscription from Many Graces, I am understand that I am purchasing flowers, not edible products. Many Graces flowers are not safe for human or animal consumption and does not take responsibility for any effects that flower consumption may cause.

Share dates

I understand that the start of each CSA subscription season is flexible and based on seasonal conditions and product availability. I am aware that Many Graces will communicate via email to inform all members of updates and start dates, and that it is my responsibility to contact the farm via email at rebecca@manygraces.com if I am not receiving notifications near the specified CSA start dates listed in the product details.

Picking Up Your Share

I understand that my subscription will be delivered weekly to the pickup location I select upon purchasing my CSA. If I am out of town or unable to pickup my flowers for any reason, I understand that it is my responsibility to find a substitute to pick them up. If I am unable to pickup my flowers or find a substitute to pick them up, I will not receive credit or a refund for any weeks that I do not pickup. If I need to switch my pick-up location, I need to notify Many Graces at least one week in advance of the requested change.

Pickup time parameters are specific to each host location. It is my responsibility to pick up my subscription during the designated time period on the designated day. If I am unable to pick it up I will allow a friend to do so on my behalf. I understand that if my flowers are not picked up on the designated day, within the designated time, I forfeit that week’s flowers and they will be donated at the discretion of the host pickup location.