the history of many graces 

Many Graces began, as so many small businesses do, as a simple pipe-dream-- something that put a twinkle in my eye whenever I thought of it. Growing up in the woods of rural Massachusetts, and always surrounded by nature, I learned a reverence for the Earth from my mother at a young age. I had always thought that I would have a "retirement shop" roadside flower stand at some point, but I never really imagined that I would run a full-service flower farm and be able to spend so much time outside, doing something that I love.

Oh how seemingly innocent daydreams can become reality...

In the winter of 2015, I began talking with my dearest friend, Ray Young--the farmer and owner of Next Barn Over Farm (NBO) in Hadley, MA--of what a flower farm and flower CSA program might look like in our area. After much discussion, I decided to take the plunge in 2016, and with Ray's generosity and invaluable mentorship I began incubating my fledging flower farm business under the NBO umbrella. In the winter of 2017, after two successful seasons building our client list and CSA memberships, and beginning to add floral design for special events to our cache of offerings, I decided that season three would be the year to spread my wings and leave the warm safety-net of NBO; and thus, Many Graces was born. 

Third time's a charm, as they say...

For our fourth season in 2019, we will continue to grow on NBO's exceptional land in Hadley, MA, where we rent about a 2 acre, certified-organic field. Dubbed "the lower meadow," Many Graces' field is situated at the bottom of a wooded hill, and is surrounded by the forests abutting the beautiful Connecticut River. I feel so grateful for this little bit of earth to tend, and for all of the beings that cross my path every day: from the grasshoppers, to the barn swallows, to the sound of the wind through the leaves, to the scent of the freshly-plowed world-famous Hadley loam, to the way walking into the field each morning is always a surprise--a new flower has bloomed--or the zinnias are so sturdy and beautiful--or oh! look at the tails of celosia sparkling and waving in the sunshine!-- there certainly are many graces to this work, and so very much to be grateful for. 



Meet Your Farmer-Florist

Hello! This is me—Rebecca Marie. I am the owner, farmer, and lead floral designer here at Many Graces.

Be in touch! I look forward to discussing all things flowers with you very soon!