DIY Buckets

everything you need to know


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! DIY flowers from Many Graces are a great way to bring a creative, personal element to your wedding and to keep within a tighter budget. Whatever your reason for choosing DIY, you’ll be getting beautiful, fresh, vibrant flowers, and can feel good that they’re locally and organically grown.


DIY flowers are sold by the bucket, and each bucket contains between 60-80 stems of focal flowers, accent flowers, and foliage – the perfect balance you need to make great arrangements. The specific types of flowers/foliage in each bucket will be chosen by the Many Graces’ farmers & designers to ensure that you get the best flowers from the field for your wedding day.

We offer three color palettes for you to choose from:

BRIGHTS (a sunny mix of flowers in bright, bold hues)

PASTELS (soft pinks, light purples, whites, soft yellows, pale blues)

or SEASONAL SELECTION (no precise color preference— a rainbow array of flowers that are seasonally abundant)

The specific types of flowers in the buckets will depend on the changing seasons and the whims of Mother Nature. Please let us know if you have a more specific color palette in mind. We are happy to consider such requests but can’t guarantee that we will be able to meet them. 


DIY buckets are only available during the height of our growing season, from late June through mid-October. Buckets are $85 each, plus MA state sales tax. DIY flower buckets are only available for pick-up on the farm in Hadley. We encourage you to bring your own (sparkling clean!!!) buckets to transfer the flowers into, but you may borrow ours for a $6 fee per bucket, which is refundable when you return the buckets to us.


We hope all the information you need to purchase and create your beautiful DIY wedding flowers is included right here (keep scrolling for lots of DIY Bucket information!) If you require more help to determine your needs, or need help or have questions about specific flowers, colors, or designs, please consider our Full-Service or our A la Carte wedding florals. If this is not practical for you, we do offer consulting services via phone or email for $50/hour.


 DIY buckets can be ordered here through our website, or you can call or email to let us know how many buckets you’d like and on which date (Tuesday – Saturday) you’d like to pick them up. Please let us know if you’d prefer Brights, Pastels, or a Seasonal Selection; if you’d prefer a more specific color palette, please let us know that as well (again, we will do our best to honor these requests, but can’t guarantee them). Buckets must be paid for in full at the time of your order and refunds are not available once your order has been placed. We do often sell out during peak wedding season, so please order as early as possible to reserve your flowers.

*Please note that for DIY flowers, communication is limited to basic ordering and pick-up scheduling. Thank you for understanding that due to time limitations, any further questions asked or advice sought will be subject to consulting fees.



Are DIY flowers right for me?

Well, that depends! There are lots of things to consider when choosing whether to do DIY, Full-Service, or A la Carte for your wedding florals. Consider things such as your budget, whether you’ll have enough time, helpers, and workspace to do your own flowers, and your skill/confidence level. Also, you should consider if you’re comfortable with not knowing exactly what flowers you’ll have for your wedding, and if you can do without extra support and advice. With DIY flowers, we’ll provide you with buckets of beautiful, vibrant flowers, but everything else is up to you!

Can I buy DIY buckets for my centerpieces but have you make the bridal bouquet?

Yes. Lots of brides are really excited about DIY flowers but are understandably nervous about making their own bouquet. We can also make other specialty pieces for you such as boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaids bouquets, hair pieces, etc. Get in touch for more information.

Can I buy a bucket or two to practice with before my wedding?

Certainly! Let us know that you’d like to purchase practice buckets at the time you place your wedding flower order. We recommend getting your practice bucket(s) two weeks before your wedding so the types of flowers will be similar to those you’ll be working with for your wedding.

What kinds of flowers might be in my buckets?

The flowers in your buckets are all grown right here on our farm and the types and colors available will change with the seasons. Unexpected weather, pest, and disease problems make it hard to say exactly what will be in season when. Rather than be frustrated by this, we fully embrace it and love the surprises the seasons bring. There are some flowers that we usually have all season long, like zinnias, sunflowers, and snapdragons. If you’re an early July bride, you might be lucky to land the last delphinium and poppies of spring, but if you’re getting married in September you may find long-awaited lisianthus and dahlias in your buckets. 

Where can I see pictures of your flowers?

There are lots of pictures here on our website (see “wedding flowers” as well as “gallery”), and on our Instagram & Facebook as well.

Can I choose the types of flowers I want in my buckets?

No. In order to make sure you get the best and brightest flowers from the field that week, Many Graces’ farmers and designers work together to choose the flowers and foliage for your buckets.

How many buckets of flowers should I order?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this because it depends on how big your vases are, what size you make your bouquets, and your personal arranging style. In general, one bucket can make 4– 6 arrangements in wide-mouth quart mason jars. Use this as a guide, and remember that if you over-order you can always find more room for flowers at your wedding!

When should I pick up my flowers?

A day or two before your wedding, depending on your schedule and how much time you’d like to have to arrange them. Keep in mind that it can take an hour to make one small centerpiece!

How should I transport the flowers from the farm?

This will depend on what vehicles you have available and how many buckets you’ve ordered. Flowers can never, never go in a trunk or in the open bed of a pick-up truck. The vehicle that you put them in should be air-conditioned if you are picking up during the summer. You can usually fit 3 – 5 buckets in the back seat of a sedan, and many more in a SUV. Don’t forget to bring a tarp if you’re worried about splashing water!

 How and where should I store the flowers?

Any cool, shaded place will be fine. A cool garage would be ideal. Refrigeration is unnecessary, and the flowers will be super fresh and in water, so will easily last 4 – 7 days without any special care. Remember that heat and direct light cause flowers to open quickly and wilt sooner, so keep them out of direct sunlight and/or away from heat sources before your wedding day!

 What supplies will I need to arrange my flowers?

You’ll need a workspace (preferably cool and shaded) that has a water source and can get mucked up with stems and plant debris. You’ll need sharp, clean clippers, since each stem will get at least one cut. For centerpieces all you’ll need are your vases – make sure they’re very clean (bacteria clogs stems and causes premature wilting). If you’re doing bouquets, you’ll need floral tape to wrap the stems together, as well as lovely ribbon and floral pins to hold the ribbon in place. Once you’ve made the bouquet, it’s convenient to have a sturdy vase with water at the ready to put your bouquet in until you need it for pictures or the ceremony. For boutonnieres and corsages you’ll need some floral tape, ribbon and floral pins. All of these floral supplies can be found at any craft store.

Do you have any tips for arranging the flowers?

It’s a good idea to read/watch some on-line tutorials before you get started with your arrangements. Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein is a great book with full color photo tutorials and a DVD tutorial that are very helpful. Otherwise, have fun with it and remember that the flowers can’t help but be beautiful!